Tailoring service

Fashion service, design, sewing of clothing apparels, bespoke garments for artist, alterations & customization of outfits for ultimate wear comfort, prime quality workmanship tailored to every needs, adjustment or size expansions or reduction based on perfect fit, restyle of retro style attire to a more modern feel, enhance your look with right fitting wardrobe, sewing service, clothes repairs, alterations, fashion restyle, visit us for range of tailoring service, from fixing damage zippers to size reduction for garment, we offer affordable prices, experience and quick delivery, our team of seamstress and tailors are skilled in all aspect of garment fabrication, we able to handle bulk assignments, view online example sewing price guide,
Pants / trousers alterations from €8,00
Pants flap adjustments from €10,00
Trousers length alterations from €12,50
Trousers shortening from €9,00
New zipper pants / skirts from €12.50
Trouser waistband alterations from €18.50
Trouser waistband adjustments from €22.00
New pocket in trousers from €22.50