Repairing or restyling of your garments is our expertise, our team of passionate & motivated seamstresses at your service, sewing for you, view online chart, restyle, redesign or restore your clothes with us today! Caution: Do wear appropriate height shoes for length adjustment, to achieving perfect fitting outfits

Pants/trousers alterations from €9,00
Pants flap adjustments from €12,50
Vintage styled trousers shortening
from €9,00
Trousers shortening from €12,50
New zipper pants/skirts from €12.50
Trouser waistband alterations from €18.50
Trouser waistband adjustments from €22.00
New pocket in trousers from €22.50
 Blazer sleeves shortening  from €10.00
 Blazer sleeves with split shortening  from €25,00
 Blazer collar(Pleated) adjustments  from €18,50
 Blazer shoulder pads replacement  from €12,50
 Blazer new lining  from €55.00
 Blazer seems fitting  from €25.00
 Pinch collar adjustments  from €18,50
 Shortening shirts & blouses sleeves  from €10,00
 Shortening sleeves with split  from €18,50
 Clothes length alteration  from €10,00
 Rhinestones removal  from €15,00
 Jacket length alterations  from €21.00
 Jacket with split length alteration  from €15.00
 Jacket sleeves shortening  from €22,50
 Jacket with split sleeves alterations  from €19,50
 New zipper in jacket  from €25,00
 New double zipper runner in jacket  from €30.00
 Skirt shortening / lengthening  from €15,00
 Dress shortening / lengthening  from €25,00
 Skirt without lining adjustment  from €17,50
 Skirt lining adjustment  from €22,50
 New zipper in skirts  from €10,00
 New lining skirt/dress  from €22,50