Reliable dry cleaning service

Dry cleaning, reliable fashion care service, experience best clothing care at Altenagala Atelier, Grote Gracht 70, 6211SZ Maastricht, quality clothing, textiles treatment, using environmentally friendly process of cleaning, tailored to individual fabric. We clean fabrics that degrade in water, delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the rough and tumble of a washing machine and dryer, experience our premium service, profit from discount on volume, we eliminate labor intensive hand washing, we do our best to remove all stains on your fabric, however, some stains are resistance to our process, in which case, we will advise on what best to do, we take great care to avoid damage to your valuables, do check label on your textile for treatment advise, your professional fashion treatment service, low prices, visit us today, fast delivery.

Trouser €10,95
Coat / Blazers €10,10
Coat €11,75
2 piece suit €18,05
3 piece suit €24,40
Suit waistcoat €5,95
Sweatshirt €7,15
Necktie €5,80
Silk necktie
Packet shirt €4,55
Skirts €7,75
Long skirts
Surcharge pleat fabric max. €0,55
Pleated skirt max. €13,15
Blouse 100% polyester €6,75
Blouse normal €7,10
Blouse-jacket €8,90
Waistcoat €8,65
Gown €10,10
Evening gown (Maxi)
Body warmer (summer)
Body warmer (winter) €11,10
Silk Jacket
Kids jacket (light)
Kids jacket (thick)
Summer Jacket
Raincoat €15,10
Winter jacket
Winter raincoat
Leather raincoat
Mantel wool
Long wool mantel
Replica fur jacket
Long sleeves shirt
Bridal gowns €49,65
Wedding dress with sequins
Bridal gowns with sequins, rhinestones, tail
Ponchos (small)
Ponchos (large)
Communion gown
Communion gown with sequins, embroidery
Christening gown
Christening gown with adornment
Cocktail gown
Gown with sequins (own risk)
Ball gown, evening gown
Cocktail-, evening dress with adornment
Duvet €21,10
Leather / suede trousers
Leather / suede jacket 70 cm length
Skirts €6,95
Curtains per square meters €3,50
Draperies velour per square meters
Curtain lining €4,95